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Our Mentor
Brahmaleen Param Pujya
Sri Swami Omkarananda ji Maharaj

Swami Omkarananda is a Self-Realised Master. He is the Mentor of the Sri Ma Group of Institutions. A very loving, compassionate, patient, calm and serene individual, Swamiji is a home to all the noble and wonderful qualities under the sun. Swamiji hails from a very modest background from rural South India. However, He rose quite high occupationally while He served in the capacity of a Personnel Manager in a Multi-national company in Calcutta, India, way back in the 1950s. A deep inner calling, though, to realise the Divine spurred Swamiji to give up all and venture alone in the Indian forests, mountains and caves, along Holy places, to meditate and practice other spiritual disciplines. Spiritual Illumination came along Swamiji???s way, as a matter of fact, in a very sweet manner just as how He talks and conducts Himself with the world. Swamiji holds in Himself an avid love for nature and the other creations of God. Highly eloquent in English, Swamiji shares His wisdom in a straight-forward ???from the heart??? style that not just appeals but motivates and convinces one to take the path of Inner Understanding and Realisation towards the Ultimate Goal of Supreme Peace. Swamiji came to live with Sri Tara Ma, in the capacity of a devout follower, in the early 1970???s since when He has been a phenomenal asset in the endeavours of Sri Tara Ma Mission.

It was Swamiji's dream to see lofty service being rendered from the altar of Sri Tara Ma Mission unto the society in the form of dissemination of knowledge and development of education. It was Swamiji who envisaged growth of values in children for the upliftment of the society. It was Swamiji who goaded all those working back then in 1975 in Sri Tara Ma Mission to start and run schools and render yeoman service to the society through young minds. This paved the way to the establishment of the Sri Ma Group of Institutions way back in 1975.

Swami Omkarananda has been actively involved ever since in the growth of the schools and institutions of the Sri Ma Group in the capacity of mentor and guide. He is the philosopher and inspiration to the hundreds of teachers and instructors in all the institutions. He is a role model to the thousands of students, a father to some, a grandfather to some, indeed an wholesome depiction of what an ancient sage of India could have been in today's times.

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