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Management Note

Divine Mother Sri Tara Ma, founder of the Sri Tara Ma Mission, says: "Moral, cultural and spiritual values are the keys to the umpteen treasures of life. So, an ideal education system would be one that blends a value-based academic set-up with impetus to talent and mental-cum-physical fitness, thus ensuring character enrichment in a child."

Universal love and kinship, value enrichment and character growth amongst children, staff, families and individuals involved in any way with the Sri Ma Group of Institutions and consequently enabling through this, a strife-free, harmonious, joyous and peaceful world for the present and future generations to thrive within is the broad vision of the Sri Ma Group of Institutions.

The Sri Ma Group of Institutions are managed in keeping with the highest ideals of human ethics with selfless service to the society and the world at large as the sole motive and guiding principle. The people that embody the tiers of management and staff epitomise these very principles in letter and spirit. The entire team makes for a group of individuals with loving, caring and nurturing hands and hearts that are endeavouring to make the process of education a lifelong companion to children and in doing so are focused on giving an immersive experience to all the stakeholders involved in this journey. Modern management methods are being inducted in a gradual manner around a strong foundation of diligence, integrity and meticulousness stemming from intensive mechanisms involving paper-work,  procedural checks, working manuals and control.

Self-payment Fee Kiosks have been put up to enable round the clock fee payment to serve the interests of parents with difficult schedules. The coming year will also see various web-services being enabled to also facilitate fee payment online and via mobile. Online services for admission, appointments with Principals and Teachers, student activity portal for real-time student data updates, live attendance, homework, sms and email alerts etc. will be made available to serve parents and students better.

The Sri Ma Group of Institutions is driven towards employee development and progress for which a blueprint has been drawn keeping in mind the trends in the education industry worldwide, individual talents and areas of interest, child-centric growth and improvement, aspirations of parents, ancient Indian heritage and cultural legacy, enrichment of individual character, ethics and morals and stakeholders' satisfaction. To attain broad objectives set out for the staff and faculty a mix of symposiums, workshops, forums, evaluations, motivational talks, knowledge mining etc. have been put up on the drawing board.

The Sri Ma Group of Institutions employs a wide variety of teaching methods. Broadly they can be named as Classroom Lessons, Multi-Media, Internet and Computers, Practicals, Info-Tainment (Information plus Entertainment), Field Trips, Industrial and Educational Visits, Project Research and Self-study and Montessori Play-way for Pre-primary. The schools will soon be introducing the innovative STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education system for the benefit of students interested in these subject areas. The programme will include robotics, puzzles, advanced mathematics, aeromodeling, extended science practicals, inventions, waste material usage etc. A new addition to the sphere of activities is the botanical garden which is expected to stoke the love for plant-life amongst children. The botanical garden has seen a very healthy growth and is expected to house many varieties of plants and shrubs in the coming year. Tata Classedge product line of educational content is being used in the classrooms as the curricular foundation of the Audio visual education system.

Yoga Asanas and Pranayama, Yogic concepts, Spiritual Study for Self-Discovery, Sanskrit Hymns and prayers, devotional songs, Celebration of festivals of all religions, Observance of Special Days of Global importance and celebrations of birth anniversaries of Saints and National leaders form an inseparable part of a student's life in the Sri Ma Group of Institutions.

The Upanishads and other ancient scriptures speak of education as a life-long process; It is indeed aptly put 'Education is the progressive realisation of one's own ignorance'. To learn the process of learning is the prime goal of education. Continuous acceptance of experiences with the full placement of value over the unhindered functioning of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual faculties of an individual is true education.

Purity of Thought, Word and Action make for a divine person. The entire gamut of human value systems goad one to harness the mind, polish the intellect and cleanse the heart thus manifesting one's innate Divine nature.

The word 'Culture' does not mean mere folklore but the very principles of living that are spoken of in the scriptures as being facets of a Complete Individual. Principled living makes for a noble character, which is the highest virtue. These very principles that bespeak of 'Divinisation of Man' embody the education system in the Sri Ma Group of Institutions.

Serviceful in nature, compassionate towards the world, kind to all living creatures, caring towards even non-living objects with the acceptance that life is all-pervading and such other spiritual values form the character of the children that pursue their education in any Sri Ma School.

Divine Mother Sri Ma, who is the manifestation of Divinity and who is full of Divine love, kindness and compassion is, through a dedicated band of selfless workers, instilling the qualities of love, charity, discipline, dedication and determination in the hearts of the young ones. Mother Sri Ma is continuously facilitating children and is helping them to progressively bring forth their inner light; the light that is present in all creation as a spark of the Divine.

Integration of activity based learning with academics that includes a healthy supply of co-curricular activities, ideal for enrichment of the mind, body and intellect have made music, dance, fine arts and sports an inseparable part of the total curriculum.

Such an education system, with an integrated curriculum and holistic approach to growth of man forges an all round development of the personality and is the hallmark of the Sri Ma Group of Institutions.

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