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Ms. Manju Tejwani

With every passing day, a new day is ushered in; the previous year has just bygone and here we are welcoming with warm hearts and open arms the new academic session with the hope and prayer that it will afford us the happiness and success that the previous year has afforded us, if not more.

Sri Ma Group of Institutions, founded in the year 1975, is a place where young minds are kindled to awaken them to the glory of rich human values set on a plateau of excellence driven academics. We blend ancient Indian values with contemporary education within an environment that not only challenges young minds to think sharply but also inspires both the Teacher as well as the Taught to delve deep into the realms of knowledge with an anchor upon virtues.

With a team of spirited teachers and an enthusiastic group of non-teaching staff, Sri Ma Group of Institutions is dedicated to the cause of man-making education. At the core of the educational philosophy is proficiency in the English language. With geographies becoming smaller and the augmentation of globalisation across economies and ecosystems, proficiency in the language of the world is very essential. The foundation in the language, laid in the formative years, is proving to stand in good stead during the years that the students spend in higher learning and thereafter in their respective careers. As we believe in being rooted in traditions and culture, knowledge of regional languages as well as one's mother tongue is actively promoted.

Whilst the students have performed creditably in scholastic areas, their performance is laudable even in the non-scholastic as well as extra-curricular areas. While it is in vogue for many to say that students good in academics will necessarily not perform well in sports, music, dance or the arts and vice versa, a very healthy number of students have defied this idea as blatantly and brazenly wrong. This crop of very fine youngsters have acquired academic laurels as also performed at different levels in their chosen activities at different fora across the country and in some cases even abroad. Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, Table-Tennis, Bharatnatyam, Karate, Chess, Skating, Drawing and Painting etc. are some areas where children have shown keen interest and a resolve to work hard to make their dreams of showcasing their talents come true.

Students passing out of the 10th and 12th standards have performed well in various entrance examinations and have shown the will to work hard to set upon their career paths with clarity and a sense of dedication and determination. We are sure that their time at Sri Ma will prove to be a vital resource in as much as their ability and credentials to deal with life at large is concerned. They are well equipped to handle pressure, stress and the challenges that modern day living places upon them.

While we wish all of them grand success on the stage of life we reaffirm our indepth faith on goodness of character, purity of mind, brilliance of the intellect and lastly but not the least, strength of the body, for all our students, both present and past. As we see our outgoing students embark upon the path of life, we continue to shoulder the ultimate responsibility of shaping the minds and bodies of the students that are still pursuing their education with us; the impetus of all our efforts will bear upon creating an environment conducive to active enquiry and studies, healthy and interactive competition and a sense of cheer and joy amongst all the constituents in this burgeoning ecosystem.

In the pages to come we seek to portray the achievements of our students in the year bygone. We hope that the same will not just be a token of recognition for their laurels but also be a source of inspiration to the others to live upto one's inherent potential: which is Human Excellence.

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