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"The primary goal of education must be to help children come face to face with the infinite power functioning behind the universe."

- Divine Mother Sri Tara Ma

Sri Ma Vidyalaya is a modern school, imparting contemporary, value based education. It is a part of the Sri Ma Group of Institutions founded by Divine  Mother Sri Tara Ma that has been imparting value based education since 1975. The schools under the group aim to impart modern education to upcoming generations through a system that is based on the ancient Indian moral, cultural and spiritual values. The scope of growth and development within this sytem is extended beyond academic excellence to encompass sports, fitness, music, dance, fine arts etc. under the ambit of learning. Cricket, Basketball, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, Gymnastics, Skating, Karate, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, Kalari Payatu, Chess, Drama & Theatre, Bharatnatyam, Harmonium, Keyboards, Guitar, Violin, Tabla, Mrudangam, Drawing & Painting etc. are promoted alongside academics to make the process of Education wholesome. Completeness of the personality and spirit is at the foundation of the philosophy of education in the Sri Ma Schools.

Divine Mother Sri Tara Ma, through the Sri Ma Group of Institutions, is instilling the qualities of universal love, charity, discipline, dedication and determination in the hearts of young ones. Sri Ma as Mataji is fondly known is continuously facilitating children helping them to progressively uncover their inner light, the light that is present in all creation as a spark of the Divine. Such an education system, with an integrated curriculum and a holistic approach to the growth of humans forges an all-round development of the personality.  All the constituents of this system- the students, the parents, the teachers, the staff and the society as a whole stand to benefit from this divine aura that encircles goodness ingrained in selfless work and spirit.

Sri Ma Group of Institutions is today a name synonymous with quality, value-based education. Academically, Sri Ma Group of Institutions is nurturing the brightest of talents in a splendid environment conducive to all round growth. Sports, music, dance, arts, camps, nature visits, projects, school excursions, co-curricular activities, hobby developments etc. are making for the fabric in the character building process of the children. The schools are also endowed with fire safety and CCTV camera systems for the safety of students. Sri Ma Group of Institutions is proud to announce that every classroom from nursery to class twelfth is a digital classroom, equipped with latest technologies for education like superior, ultra-short throw interactive projectors, white boards and electronic pens, audio systems etc. topped with highly immersive content for e-learning from TATA Classedge.
At Sri Ma Vidyalaya, we take children through primary, middle and secondary school through to the senior secondary level in a cohesive and well co-ordinated way keeping aloft the ideal of excellence all the way along. Exemplifying the very best in education delivered through a variety of media like classroom lessons, 3D animations, edutainment, infotainment, projects, experiments, workshops, simulations etc. we are also leveraging the power of the Internet to bring cutting edge educational content to children to enable their success in the knowledge ecosystem.  

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